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Providing real solutions for small to medium enterprises in the areas of cost control, vertical integration, and market penetration.

Common Sense Solutions

KEYSTONESG believes that the best solutions for your business are those supported by prior success.  We apply proven techniques to improve your bottom line; techniques we've developed over years of real experience helping small and mid-sized enterprises just like yours. 

KEYSTONESG professionals have all held top-level positions in companies with sales between 1 million and 100 million.  We understand the unique demands of the small enterprise and we always tailor our solutions to your specific needs.  You won't hear our professionals selling you new management trends or magic formula solutions for success, instead you will hear practical advice based on common sense practices that have delivered real results to companies just like yours.

KEYSTONESG is committed to earning your respect and business.  We realize that most small to mid-size enterprises can not afford large retainers and salty up-front consulting fees.  That is why we typically structure our consulting agreements on a pay for performance schedule where we earn when you earn.

How fit is your business?

A successful direct marketing company had posted steady profits for over 20 years and had big plans for growing their key markets but found themselves spending more and more of every sales dollar on transportation costs.  KEYSTONESG professionals were able to dramatically reduce their costs by more than...more

Who is in control of your supply chain?

A 25 million-dollar consumer products company felt like they were paying too much for a key product.  They hired a KEYSTONESG professional to lower their product costs.  What he found was that they had been overpaying a middleman for years.  By sourcing more direct they immediately added...more

How are you winning market share?

When this small business asked KEYSTONESG professionals to build them a best of breed product so they could sell it under their own house brand at a premium price we were excited to take the challenge.  However, we quickly saw that they didn't have the sales volume to source direct.  Our solution--build their brand to drive volume.  In six months they went from a non-player to one of the top three brands by... more

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