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Supply Chain Management

When it comes to supply chain management you better have a knowledge advantage or you will surely pay the price.  In today's economy your customer is more informed than ever regarding what you are paying for your product, what they should expect for a fair price, and where they can take their business if they aren't happy with your offer. 

Add to this the increased competition from businesses that seem to be willing to give their product away and it becomes clear why it is so difficult to acquire and retain profitable customers. To thrive in this economy savvy business owners are learning to use tools from the Fortune 500 toolbox: vertical integration, contract manufacturing, and Asian sourcing. 

KEYSTONESG has 15 years of experience putting these tools to work at small and medium sized businesses to achieve transformational results. Through careful analysis, thorough research and our strong network of global suppliers KEYSTONESG can often double the margin of your flagship product line. 

Don't be fooled into thinking your business is too small or too unique to benefit from these strategies.  Review our case studies and see what we've done for businesses just like yours. 

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"As margins have shrunk in most industries, entrepreneurs have had to look overseas to survive. Small companies are increasingly sourcing directly, rather than using middlemen: Hooker* saves as much as 60 percent by buying items directly in Asia instead of using a broker.

While there is a wide range of source countries to choose from, a handful are the hottest. China is now the biggest recipient of foreign investment in the world, particularly for labor-intensive products."

*Owner of Spirit of Asia a Florida company selling high-end furniture and accessories.

-- Excerpted from "On Foreign Soil", Entrepreneur magazine - June 2005

KEYSTONESG  Asian Trade Resources

Small and medium sized enterprises simply can't afford dedicated supply chain resources. KEYSTONESG can manage your supply chain from top to bottom with experienced professionals located in the US and China to oversee every aspect of the process.

Call 1-570-323-8140 to setup a free phone consultation and determine if KEYSTONESG is a good fit for your consulting needs.

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