The Teaching Edge™

The process of education has become increasingly more complex. Educators now teach large classes of students with a broad range of learning abilities. Compound this with the duties of often functioning as a mentor, advisor, life coach, drug counselor, abuse officer, surrogate parent and it can make for a rewarding but demanding career. Add to this the stringent requirements of teaching to specific standards and the last thing you need is a time consuming daily barrage of administrative tasks.

The Teaching Edge™ is a simple to use system that affords educators the ability to breeze through daily administrative tasks with point and click functionality. Need to handle grades, report cards, progress reports, journal of student activities, discipline reports, attendance, lesson plans, class schedules, PSSA Data, 4 Sight test scores and parental communications in a snap? Just point and click. Technology is your friend when it is functional for the user. This is highlighted by the fact that the Washington County School District invested $210,000 in year one for an educational management system over a free version as it was not user functional.

The Teaching Edge™ system was created in conjunction with Educators and administrators to provide a simple, effective means to free your time to do what you are passionate about – educating our youth. Our objective is to partner with you and increase your effectiveness in the classroom and at the same time increase the quality of your life by making administrative and routine duties a minute fraction of your time.

The District AdminPro™ affords and enables superintendents and other district administrators pass protected access to manage school records on the district level. District office management can view, edit and run reports analyzing data for any student, school, grade level, class or staff member in real time.

The Teaching Edge™ system enables Administration and Educators to simply and easily:

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