Our Corporate Objectives

Increase Student Results
The Teaching Edge™ is a simple to use system that allows educators to, in real time, identify students that require assistance in specific areas. Point and click functionality make formerly burdensome tasks like attendance, grading, class lists, progress reports and lesson plans a quick efficient process.

Improve Teachers' Quality of Life

Teachers need the freedom to spend less time on administrative duties to focus on their passion of teaching. The Teaching Edge™ is a system with a simple, intuitive dashboard that reduces task induced stress from a normal day and frees the teacher to work in a more relaxed, productive work environment.

Operational Efficiency
At both the individual school and the district level, there is an enormous amount of staff, students and data to manage effectively. The requirements are high with significant funding often hinging on educational standards requirements needing to be met. Administrators require a system that affords them the ability to efficiently review, sort, report, and manage mission critical information.

Unique, Custom Solutions
The hallmark and distinction of Keystone Digital Solutions, Inc. in the industry is the ability to create a unique, custom solution for each school or district. Our District AdminPro™ allows a school district administrator to manage multiple schools in real time without leaving the office. Some vendors want to shoe horn schools into a “one size fits all” online solution when it is very clear that each school and district has its own unique challenges and objectives. Your unique Teaching Edge™ system will fit the needs of your objectives, state requirements, staff and student demographic. As your needs shift we have the ability to create and implement custom modules and solutions in a matter of days – not months.

Best in Class Service
Our objective is to exceed your expectations as a client at every opportunity. Detailed manuals, hand on instruction in your facility and online tutorial videos are just the beginning. Our staff is here to assist your school(s) in becoming more productive on a daily basis. Our success is predicated a great deal upon referral based marketing. The Keystone Digital Solutions, Inc. staff will settle for nothing less than your complete, ongoing satisfaction. Our objective is not to be a vendor but a long term partner in your educational growth.



Company Information

Keystone Digital Solutions, Inc. offices are located in downtown Williamsport, Pennsylvania - the home of the Little League World Series.

The company develops and markets software solutions to the educational market. Educators and administrators alike often find themselves taxed in their responsibilities.

In addition to being required to teach large classes of varying educational abilities, teachers also serve as life coaches, advisors, drug counselors, social workers, abuse officers and friends to students.

These many duties are at times compounded by routine, daily administrative duties that can require a substantial amount of time. The Teaching Edge™ was created as a tool to free educators from administrative tasks to engage in what they are passionate about – education.


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