Standard Driven Results

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires that all groups of children reach proficiency in Reading and Math. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets must be tracked and met. In today’s high-stakes testing environment, you can’t afford to wait to see how your students perform on your state assessments. You need to estimate how students are likely to perform throughout the year. That’s why the Success for All Foundation created 4Sight, a benchmark assessment tool that enables you to predict your students’ reading – and in some states, math – achievement multiple times throughout the year. These predictions allow you time to take action in the areas in which students need help.

The Teaching Edge™ system seamlessly imports and integrates TAKS, PSSA, TCAP, CST, and other testing data into the dashboard. This data can then be tracked by Grade, Class or Student. As 4Sight test scores have been predictive of state test results, these test scores are also imported directly into the Teaching Edge™ dashboard for view at the class or individual student level. This enables faculty and staff to, in real time, identify students or groups of students who need additional assistance in specific areas.

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Align Instruction to Standards

This real time presentation of students’ testing results assists teachers to standards-enable their instruction. These standards hot spots can then be addressed in lesson plans, curriculum mapping and Grade Speed™ reporting to bring test results in line with the current AYP targets.


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