The Teaching Edge™

The Teaching Edge™ is a simple to use, intuitive student information and management system. The Teaching Edge™ system streamlines daily tasks throughout the entire school and district with a core, centralized database. The system was developed in collaboration with educators for educators.

The system is comprised of a series of unique modules, each of which can be modified to adapt to the specific needs of your student demographic, staff, standards and reporting requirements. The flexibility of customization assures the system functions in a manner that is most efficient for the needs of your educational and administrative requirements.

System Overview:

Core Modules

• Record and update student, family & security related information
• Complete student report cards with GradeSpeed™
• Maintain and share student journal
• Maintain and share discipline notes in real time
• Maintain class lists and attendance in seconds
• Create, view and share lesson plans
• Track 4Sight test scores
• Track PSSA scores to individual student or class
• Create and print progress reports, grades and parental communications
• Full administrative control through District Admin Pro™
• Training and support services


The Student Excels

The objective of the Teaching Edge™ system is to provide a real time, integrated, data driven ability to identify and better meet the needs of each student.

The system allows teachers to effortlessly take and report attendance, track grades, maintain and share student journal and discipline notes, create progress reports, create and share lesson plans, print a multitude of reports, track 4Sight and PSSA scores and much more.


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